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About US

The General Objective is to provide a forum for discussion , outreach, advocacy and research on Semantic Web technologies (SW) and Linked Data (LD) in Latin America . This space is open to academic communities and social organizations, business and government .

Specific Objectives:

  • Facilitate SW and LD approach applied to different domains
  • Facilitate the collection and integration of different working groups in the area
  • Create channels for disseminating information about SW and LD
  • Encourage participation in events of every country on issues related to LD
  • Promoting openness LD data
  • Encourage collaborative projects and international / Latin American calls
  • Progress in Latin American networking of researchers and developers in this area


    • Providing a web site with information and training on SW LOD
    • Create a repository of publications in the area and other formative type materials ( lectures , presentations , tutorials , related links, etc. . )
    • Create a Wiki -like space where different groups to promote their activities .
    • Support/organize actively conferences, workshops and summer schools in the region.
    • Creating a curriculum(s) of a course (s) on SW and LD .
    • Creating a forum to publicize the event calls events .